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Additional fee’s may apply

If you place an order for FTTN without an active telephone line you will incur a $330 nbn co activation fee.
An additional fee of $240 may apply if you require a professional installation from an nbn co technician.
If you are in a new development and not already connected to the nbn™ network, a $300 nbn co New Development Charge may also apply.
*Actual NBN throughput speeds are impacted by a range of factors including the type of technology that is available at your address, the number of users and devices simultaneously using your connection, your configuration of any computer hardware and software as well as the type/source of content being downloaded. Additionally devices connected by Wi-Fi may experience slower speed than those connected by Ethernet cable as well as the location of your modem. Network congestion on domestic and international links can be present during peak times of activity.

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