As most employers and employees know, flexibility is the key to a successful work life balance. Our Broadband Internet Plans allow busy professionals the freedom and flexibility to work from home, whilst also offering a wide range of data limits to suit everyone’s needs.

Broadband Plans

Mobile Broadband Plans

Personal Broadband Plans: Once you have used your included monthly data allowance the speed of your service will be reduced to 256/64k for the duration of the current 
billing period.

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Critical Information Summaries: 100GB Broadband1000GB Broadband 

Mobile Broadband Plans: All charges and allowances are for usage within Australia (excludes use overseas). Excess usage charges apply once our included data allowance is exceeded. Unused allowances will not carry over to the following month.

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Critical Information Summaries:  Goulburn Valley Telco Mobile Broadband CIS

Check your Optus mobile coverage here. 

How much data do I need?

Data is playing an increasingly important part of our lives, however how much data do you need on your broadband or mobile phone service to cater for your needs? The below table provides a guide as to the approximate download sizes of some common items downloaded of the internet. 

Item Approximate Download Size

4 Minute Song 4MB

30 Minute SD TV Show 200MB

2 Hour HD Movie 3GB - 4.5GB

In addition to the above, you will also download data when browsing the web or using social media sites or applications  such as Facebook® and YouTube. If you would like to learn more about how much data you will need, call our friendly customer service team on 1300 735 868. 

Goulburn Valley Telco provides the Billion BiPAC 7700N ADSL 2+ Router with contracted ADSL Broadband services. Information regarding this router can be found here.